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Starship, our second free game (Freeware), is a 2D shooting and flying game in the style of Raptor. The game is played from a top-down perspective. The goal is to save the world by defeating all enemies. The earth is attacked by aliens and no one has the courage to face the enemy... except for you! You are a brave soldier flying a jet fighter in outer space. Various opponents and meteor showers will make your life a living hell. At the end of each mission you will have to fight a final boss. Now get ready for the battle of your life...


Version: 1.2 (Last modified: 22 Feb 2007 20:29:06)
Filesize: 5.69 MB (compressed)
  • Programming Language: C++ DX 8.0
  • Various weapon systems
  • Striking sound effects
  • Pixel-based collision detection
  • Various music titles
  • Each opponent is different and has varying characteristics
  • 3 final bosses
  • 3 missions in outer space
  • Different particle systems for special effects
  • Lots of different power-ups
  • It's free! (Freeware)

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